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Support our growth + dreaming

We are welcoming contributions to seed and support our current projects, future visioning, and continued equity in our partnerships and collaborations. Some highlights of what we hope to fund can be found below!

Finalizing our NGO status & supporting infrastructure

We've just celebrated our 10th year of collaborating and our 1st year registered as an NGO! We are still in the process of solidifying our sense and base of fiscal stewardship with a Global/transnational Black Praxis lens and seek to compensate advisors, consultants, and other thought-partners in that work.

Partnership Equity

We pledge to ensure equitable access to our program by matching at least 50% of the costs of participation (stipends & travel accommodations) of students enrolled at HBCUs, community colleges, and institutions that are historically inequitably funded. 

Educational & Professional Development

We would like to offer scholarships to promote the goals and growth of our team and community members in their endeavors to extend their own understandings and skillsets as stewards of our vision.

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