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Personal Inquiry Research

Throughout the program, fellows develop a project based on a personal question relating to their interests, research, and learning.


Recordings coming soon

2022 topics included:

  • The Impact of Mass Media and Ubuntu Philosophy

  • Exploring Personal Histories of Colorism across Two Nations

  • Effects of Climate Change on Farming

  • Growing Up in a Connected World: How Can We Manage the Risks of Children's Internet Use in the Community?

  • Lose Your Mother: Using Sankofa as a Guided Theory for Forward Movement

  • Family Systems as a Model of Sustaining Ghanaian Culture

  • Help or Harm: The Ethics of Teaching English

  • Tapioca as a Means to Solving Food Insecurity and Unemployment

  • Decoding the Impact of Whiteness in Education

2021 topics included:

  • Pan-Africanist Curriculums

  • Africans’ Perspectives on Indigenous Medicine

  • National and Political Perspectives of Slavery in Ghana

  • Witchcraft in Dagbon

  • Pan-Africanism and Ubuntu Philosophy in Everyday Life

  • Girl Child Education in Northern Ghana

  • Ghanaian Enslavement Camps

  • Online vs In-person Interactions

  • The History of Formal Education in Ghana


Recordings coming soon

  • Ancestry & Artifacts

  • Migration within Ghana

  • Contextualizing Blackness

  • Child Welfare

  • Context of Enslavement in Northern Ghana       

  • Colorism

  • Shea Tree Economy in Dalun

  • Changing Narratives around Blackness     

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